Oops, I hit enter before completion. I wanted to point out that the green cloud ...'Natural Beauty' should be totally embraced and let nature's beauty come out by not mowing municipal land around road ways ...ie: grass boarding 248 in front of the schools and on the south side along path. City Park does not need to have the whole place mowed, nor parts of 224. Letting the grass grow and infuse it with native wildflowers and sage would provide food for pollinators and butterflies plus protective coverage for small mammals to move about. Allowing natural vegetation would reduce the noise and fossil fuel use of lawn mowers. As longer grass self shades itself, less watering (if any) is required... along with eliminating any need fertilizers and herbicides. Lawns are the only crop that is 'harvested' twice a month and thrown away. Thank you for your time, Tina Smith, Old Town

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