Creativity takes courage—Henri Matisse I am writing to encourage the continued commitment to an Arts and Culture District in Park City. Actively supporting arts and culture not only contributes economically but nourishes the connections that define a resilient community. And, if Covid taught us anything it is the essential value of resiliency. Cultivating resiliency helps us broaden our view of ways to utilize resources that deliver both sources of economic growth and stronger community connections. Support for the arts contributes to both these goals. Art inspires, comforts and provides a framework to encourage a shared sense of purpose. A city defined by a strong arts and culture community is a city with opportunity for growth even in the most challenging times. In many ways, the challenges of Covid provides Park City with a unique opportunity to re-define community “success” and diversify its’ economic future. I entreat the city to embrace these opportunities with creativity and courage. Please support the commitment to developing the Park City Arts and Culture District.

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