I am thankful for the City’s leadership to celebrate diversity and welcome Utah artists to creativity shine a spotlight on issues facing us today – locally and globally. The art mural project on Main St. is an important program. It's impactful. It's supporting important conversations. And, helping us see that the community's social equity priority is needed more now than ever.

I was saddened to hear people upset with this creative expression. And, oh, so terribly disappointed with the vandalism of the art. This is not the Park City I know and love! This community is better than that. We welcome the world.

Please continue to support such public art. This is an important form of communication and community building. May all embrace creative expression, positive dialogue, celebrate diversity, support equality, and continue together to make our spot in the world better for it.

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Moe Hickey 9 months ago

Please keep the murals on Main Street!