Kimball Art Center through its exhibitions and studios programs have a tremendous educational benefit for Park City. It has been found that a child taking art classes does better academically in school. Exhibitions such as “Chinaman’s Chance” on Promontory Summit deal with current sociology-economic issues. The seniors program involves an important group of citizens. The Art Center would provide and highlight an important and needed aspect of Park City.

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Debbie Sebek 9 months ago

I SUPPORT the Arts & Culture District! My name is Debbie Sebek, I have been a full-time resident in Park City for the past 27 years. I am a local homeowner, landlord and business owner here in Park City, I am passionate about The Arts & Cultural District for many reasons:

As a 27-year homeowner in both Park City and Summit County and a five-year member of the Arts Council of Park City Summit County, I am an art enthusiast, I have worked in the arts my entire career, as a producer and interior design. My husband and I are love the great outdoors, but are also art collectors, enjoy buying locally, meeting and working with local artists, enjoying music, local talent, film, and of course the culinary arts.

My first 20 years living in Park City I owned a production company, filming commercials and national ads in the sports and automotive industry. Most of my clients were either from overseas, London, Paris, Frankfort or NY, Detroit and CA. We often filmed in Utah and I received comments all the time about the lack of A&C within the state of UT and Park City required to really put us on the map. I currently am the owner of ONSTAGE Design and home staging and Interior Design company. Currently: 100% of my clientèle are new homeowners who have recently moved to Park City making it their new full-time home in Park City. They have moved here from places such as New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Dallas. Of course because of covid, They long for wide open spaces but also are concerned over the lack of Arts and Culture, I engage in this conversation all the time with clients. I have served on the board of the Arts Council of Park City Summit County for the past 5 years. I believe we will LOSE an incredible opportunity if we don’t create a space for Arts & Culture in Park City. Our community NEEDS a VIBRANT A&C District. Our friendly sense of community and live-ability, local ski resorts and proximity to a large city and international airport is what makes Park City so unique. I hear it over and over again, how much we lack culturally in our state and our town.

Park City is unique it still has a small-town feel. It’s charming, it’s beautiful, accessible and has the ability to be a world-renowned town known not only for skiing but for Arts & Cultural too!

Park City is community focused and undoubtedly puts us at the front line of ski resorts. I spent 20 years going to Aspen, CO before moving to Park City. I was impressed with Aspen’s fabulous skiing (like Park City), but Aspen had a VIBRANCY, RICH and EXCITING to me it was its A&C aspects that made that town so unique. We lack this in Park City!!! I support this project because…. • Bringing to life this A&C District is NOT ONLY a PRIORITY it is ESSENTIAL! • We live in a very politically split “world”, I believe we’re ALL CONNECTED thru Art and our Arts organizations. Art expands our thinking and is an expression of our local identity and authenticity and art positively unifies a community.

• A&C is a priority for our community and this Arts and Culture District is an opportunity for us to broadcast that to the world. We have made major investments in recreation facilities, open space, and other community priorities. This is the fantastic opportunity for us to investment into Arts and Culture. • Artists and creative industries should be thought of as critical to our economy and culture. If we lose it, we lose a part of what Park City is. Investing, supporting, and retaining A&C is as important as other industries. I believe that A&C is a HUGE part of our lifeblood as a community. • Artists, creatives, arts and culture nonprofits—all the people, organizations and businesses who contribute to the creative community here in Park City ADD CULTURAL CAPITAL. They should be invested in, compensated better, and given a platform to thrive. The Arts and Culture district supports this. • An investment in arts and culture spaces at this level will be conduit to a more equitable and vibrant community. The fact that Park City purchased this parcel of land was a HUGE win for all of us. Together, can curate and control the activities that take place in this district. We can ensure that the district is additive to our community, reflects our community, and is a sustainable and viable asset for our community for years to come. • This development is much broader than just Arts & Culture. There are affordable housing components, transportation components, and the district will connect creative hubs throughout our community (i.e. walkability to Eccles, the district, Jim Santy, PC museum/Main Street, bring more vibrancy to Prospector Square and Ironhorse District). Thank you. Sincerely, Debbie Sebek