Meeting: Council

Meeting Time: April 30, 2020 at 4:00pm MDT
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Agenda Item

2.) Consideration to Adopt Resolution 07-2020, a Resolution Recognizing May 2020 as Mental Health Awareness Month in Park City (A) Public Hearing (B) Action

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    Deanna Rhodes 2 months ago

    Dear Park City Council,

    On behalf of CONNECT Summit County, it's board of directors, staff, and volunteers we would like to enthusiastically show our support of the adoption of the resolution to declare May 2020 Mental Health Awareness Month. As a former volunteer, board member, and current board chair I would like to thank the council for all of its past, current and future support. Destigmatizing mental illness and creating an atmosphere for mental wellness is an initiative that is supported by all. We would not be able to do the impactful work we are doing without the support of council. With deep gratitude we want to show our appreciation for the recognition of May Mental Health Awareness Month and give genuine thanks to the council for the consideration in passing this resolution. The work of all of those involved will with CONNECT Summit County will not stop until mental illness is destigmatized, the community is educated, and mental health services are accessible to all.

    Natalie Herron
    Board Chair, CONNECT Summit County

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    Kathryn Meyer 2 months ago

    As a new Board Member of CONNECT Summit County and a long time mental health provider, I would like to support the the Resolution 07-2020 recognizing May 2020 as Mental Health Awareness Month in Park City. CONNECT Summit County stands with our City in recognizing the importance of creating an open dialogue around mental health issues and creating a stigma free environment. This resolution could not have come at a better time as we face unprecedented circumstances that impact so many of our citizens on so many levels. To support our community during Mental Health Awareness Month in the time of Corona, we have put together a tool-kit to outline resources. In addition CONNECT is providing free and confidential virtual support groups that can be found on our calendar of events We appreciate the support of local mental health providers and our City Council in stepping up to make mental health and wellness a community wide discussion in our community. Thank you, Kathy Meyer

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    Lizeette Zurita 2 months ago

    On behalf of Holy Cross Ministries and the community we serve, I would like to fully support the resolution for adoption of the Resolution 07-2020 recognizing May 2020 as Mental Health Awareness Month in Park City. This couldn't have come at a better time. I have witness a great increase of need of Mental Health support during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Mental illness does not discriminate and we all are susceptible to this. Having the opportunity to have the discussion and bring down the stigma on this matter - is vital! Let us continue to support those in need and provide the tools to fully embrace and receive the help needed and let us continue to work on developing additional resources for the Spanish speaking community. Thank you for your consideration to this resolution and for the ongoing support to the Park City residents.

    Let us continue making Park City a better place to live in! Gracias.


    Lizeette Zurita
    Parents as Teachers Coordinator
    Holy Cross Ministries

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    Mary Christa Smith 2 months ago

    As Executive Director of Communities That Care, we wholeheartedly support the resolution recognizing May 2020 as Mental health Awareness Month in Park City and appreciate the grassroots advocacy work of CONNECT Summit County.

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    Amber Mackay 2 months ago

    April 30, 2020

    Dear Park City Council:

    On behalf of the board, staff and members at Summit County Clubhouse we would like to express our support for the adoption of Resolution 07-2020 recognizing May 2020 as Mental Health Awareness Month in Park City, Utah. Summit County Clubhouse was organized in Park City just a short 9 months ago as a result of a recognized need for mental health services for adults with a mental illness. As you know, mental illness does not discriminate and it can easily de-rail an individual’s goals, dreams and aspirations. Summit County Clubhouse is an inclusive community in which all adults living with a mental health diagnosis achieve their highest potential through opportunities for paid employment, education, skill building, social support and a safe place to be themselves where stigma does not exist. Although the Park City community and communities nationally and internationally have come a long way in beginning the important conversations about breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness, we are not there yet. This resolution brings mental health to the forefront and begins to address the barriers individuals face as they try to re-gain a sense of purpose, self-worth, independence and find their place in the broader community. By knowing their local elected government officials support a resolution to de-stigmatize mental illness, our members can feel more confident with community re-integration. Thank you for considering this resolution and more importantly thank you for supporting the local businesses, nonprofits and citizens who have devoted their work and missions to ensuring individuals with mental illness in our community receive every opportunity they deserve.


    Amber Mackay
    Executive Director
    Summit County Clubhouse