Meeting Time: April 22, 2020 at 5:30pm MDT

Agenda Item

5.A) Work Session – Staff Compiled the Planning Commission’s Goals and Priorities for Land Management Code Amendments Provided by the Commission in the Work Session on February 26, 2020. Staff will Present a Plan and Schedule of Proposed 2020 Land Management Code Amendments for the Commission’s Review. (A) Continuation to a Date Uncertain

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    William Mammen almost 3 years ago

    Mayor Beerman and all Park City Council Members:

    The proposed landfill for the disposal of toxic soils is a needed project and will greatly benefit the Park City Community. Those opposed, for the most part, are well intentioned but misunderstand the need and the nature of the proposed landfill.

    1. The toxic soils being discussed are already in our community. They are here and people are being exposed to them everyday 24/7.

    2. The proposed site has already been used for the disposal of contaminated soil and that has been a valuable service for a large segment of the community.

    3. If we do not provide a safe place nearby to take the contaminated soil then it, for the most part, will not be removed. It is too expensive to truck the soil to Tooele. They will be dealt with on site. This will expose more people to the potential contaminants than if they were trucked out of the neighborhood to a nearby facility.

    It falls on the elected officials of our community to be well-informed and to understand this complex issue. If you do not approve this then the people who have been opposed may think they have won but in reality we all will have lost. The community will be less safe, not more safe. The contaminated soil will remain a hazard and a problem now and well into the future.


    Bill Mammen

    Mammen Associates Architecture