Meeting: City Council

Meeting Time: February 25, 2021 at 3:30pm MST
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    Matt Mullin over 1 year ago

    I support the Arts and Culture District. While covid has presented challenges we are all dealing with from a financial standpoint, it has also made one thing abundantly clear. In-person teaching and engagement improve the human experience. This district will give us all of that. Time spent together, creating, observing, and enjoying what we can all do when given the space and place to do it. We have the place, the people, and the money to build something that will let all of us see each other more often, build bridges across our micro-communities, and elevate the hearts and minds of every person in Park City.

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    mark maziarz over 1 year ago

    My name is Mark Maziarz and I’m a fine art photographer who is in support of the Arts and Culture District.
    I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, and I want to thank you for your work in looking at creative ways to make this district happen for our town. The right half of my brain is excited about the studio spaces, the maker spaces and the retail aspect, but that excitement is tempered a bit by the left half of my brain which has a degree in economics. I understand what you’re dealing with and thanks for your commitment.
    I have 2 comments: when I talk with people about the district, I sometimes hear that we already have a lot of galleries in Park City. That's true and a lot of them are great galleries, but galleries are usually the last step in the art creation process. All our galleries pay really high rent and they need to display art that sells. The Arts and Culture District can serve as a sort of an art incubator where artists can take creative chances with new subjects, new techniques and new forms of presentation. That, for me, is the real value of the district and the most exciting part of it when you consider the collaborative nature of a bunch of artists of varying experience and skill levels working in an art space.
    The second comment is that if you build this kind of vibrant, creative art incubation space, you’ll have people chomping at the bit to be part of it. Either by taking studio tours or mini-classes or process presentations, or if we can do artist residencies, we can offer what I’ve called vanity residencies where people are paying to stay in the district and collaborating with and learning from other artists.
    Thanks for your time and if anyone has any questions or wants to brainstorm, please get a hold of me. Thanks.

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    Claire Wiley over 1 year ago

    In support of the Arts and Culture District:
    We are so in tune with our environment here and we find connection in the activities our surroundings afford us. Similarly, we can find connection in the arts. Adding a more robust layer of arts and culture into our our town will only create a more diverse, vibrant and connected community.

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    Aldy Milliken over 1 year ago

    Dear Council and Mayor Beerman, I am making public comment in support of the Arts and Culture District for Park City. Thank you so much for pursuing this dynamic project on behalf of our citizens.